New Year, New Goals

Well, the holidays have come and gone and the new year's eve buzz is over. Most people take this time to reflect on the past year and plan out the coming year. While many folks like to make personal new year's resolutions, I tend to prefer making professional plans for the coming year.

Now my resolutions aren't hard rules but more loose goals, as long as I achieve the goal sometime in the coming year I consider that a win. For example last year I wanted to dig into AngularJS and use it in production. That became a win a few times over as I used Angular in more than one live project.

So, without further ado here are my goals for 2015.

  • Produce a hybrid mobile app using the IONIC framework
  • Produce a Laravel based RESTFUL backend for a new project that I'm about to start.
  • Integrate GULP into my workflow
  • Make more use of SASS with my CSS
  • Start using TDD for angular
  • Make a habit of linting my JS with JSHint
  • Publish to web using Beanstalk instead of old school FTP
  • Blog at least 6-8 articles this year

If you've made it this far thanks for reading and I hope you have a great 2015!

About the Blog

A funny thing happened when I started my design career, I fell in love with code. Many years later I now find myself working primarily doing front end development but I also occasionally work with backend tech.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and what I'm working with at any given moment. It's a work in progress, so if you spot an error or have a comment please share!